#SSAmazingAchievements 17/3/2016 Toilet Training #FragileX

I missed last weeks linky what with one thing and another so for that I must apologise.

This week though has bought exciting news, Sir has started toilet training at school 😀 I got him some spare trousers and some very smart basic trunks from ASDA. I did think about briefs but I’ve found in the past that they can be well, rather brief.. and boxers can be a bit too loose so trunks it was.

He held on all morning despite being put on the toilet every half hour until lunchtime when he could hold on no longer.. he did however get to the toilet but was a bit too late. So that is a very positive step!

The next day, I had several pairs of trunks/trousers come home for washing but his teacher caught him about to poo and took him to the toilet. The poo went in the loo and he did a wee too! I am sooo proud!

She has been sending him home in his nappy with the trunks over the top, even so he looks so grown up in them 😀 I had a tear in me eye.. I am going to get some trunks for home so we can continue the school’s good work.  I have even cleared out a “pants” drawer for him, something I never thought I’d be doing 😀

I’m linking with Jane http://ourlittleescapades.com/2016/03/small-steps-amazing-achievements-16th-march-2016/


13 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 17/3/2016 Toilet Training #FragileX

  1. vswamp27

    Sir may not like to know everyone is applauding his achievement but I am proud that he is doing the toilet bit. He will get it soon. Is he proud of his trunks?

    1. People discuss the toilet training of their 2 year old without anyone asking if they mind. Sir is not 2 but he is also not toilet trained. There are many mothers of SEN children, they might be wondering how do I toilet train my child? Believe me there is no information out there beyond wait until they are ready/build it into the routine, but even then it might not work. If my blog helps even one person think Thank God I’m not the only one then that can only be a good thing.

  2. Cora

    Had to googls “trunks” since I didn’t get the difference ;). Congratulations! Not only to Sir, but to you, too! You showed so much patience and skill in dealing with it and courage in dealing with it openly!

  3. i also look for trunks and what did i get trunks is the son of bulma and vegeta of dragon ball z we loved it when it was on tv and my kids were young paul still liked it
    but i am verey pleased what sir is doing
    you must be very happy and proud keep going train him
    well done sir

  4. I love that this is going so well for you. We are also starting the journey but have a long way to go. I think we have cracked weeing on the toilet but we are getting a little obsessive over it now. If it’s not one thing, it’s another right?! lol. We also have trunks now too ;0). I hope this good work is continuing for you.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  5. Well done Sir, all grown up in long trousers now not the knickers of a wee lad anymore. And well mum for having produced such a wonderful child. Are his trunks long leg or thigh high?

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