Word of the Week 4/3/2016 Backache #WotW

Not mine.. Hubby’s, he’s been off work with it and it has dominated our week. I took him to see a chiropractor on Wednesday, apparently he has a bulging disc and it has trapped a nerve. It will take 5-8 weeks to get right.. today he says it’s a bit better and has been walking round the house every so often to stop himself from freezing up. So at the moment I am doing all the running around to to the chemist to buy pain killers and ice packs. And we still haven’t got to the Dr’s..

We were thinking of going away at Easter but have decided against it, think we might wait until the May half term. He was going to take the kids to buy me Mother’s Day flowers but can’t drive so I pointed him at an well known retailer’s web page 😀 He also told me to go and buy my own birthday presents… now there’s an invitation you can’t pass up! as he doesn’t know when or if he’ll be able to get anything.  I know I do almost everything in the house as he works long hours, but having to literally do everything is wearing me out! Did someone say wine..?

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-4316/



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