Word of the Week 27/2/2016 Weird #WotW

I was stuck for a word this week until I remembered how Madam’s Teaching Assistant had described it: Weird.

Everything was fine until Wednesday morning, when my coffee morning was interrupted by a series of text messages from Madam’s school informing me that there was a health and safety issue, the school was going to close for the day and could I go and pick her up… I knew there were road works near the school so I presumed someone had gone through something they shouldn’t have. Hasty child care arrangements were made so that I could do my shift.

Turns out there had been a gas leak and the school was shut on Thursday too as the engineers made sure the problem was fixed and the school was safe.  She went back on Friday.

Friday morning was fun too, having rearranged my coffee morning, Hubby woke up with a horrible pain in his leg. Phoned the Dr only to be told the earliest appointment was a week away.. not impressed. So I sent him off to the minor injuries, he explained about the appointment wait and they were happy to help him. They reckon it might be his back.. go home.. take tablets… then he went off to work.

Hoping next week will be less exciting!

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-26216/

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