Word of the Week 19/02/2016 Busy #WotW

It was my intention to have a quiet week, kids at home, no school run, no work, no need to go anywhere. What’s that saying about the best laid plans…

The weather has been a factor in my busyness. I was expecting snow, ice, plagues of frogs.. but no, it’s been lovely! cold I admit but at least it’s been sunny. Apart from Wednesday, when it pee’d down all day.. then I got my attempt at laziness.. a lie and a cup of of tea in bed. My kids decided to invade my bed with an army of cuddly toys and I ended up squashed against my bedside table.. but a lie in is a lie in!

We did the food shop on Tuesday, yesterday we had to go back to the supermarket, then to fetch Madam’s new support boots, and we met every set of roadworks in a 15 mile radius.. then a haircut for Madam..

Today I am back to my plan of doing nothing*


*washing, ironing, washing up, cooking, housework…

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-19216/


12 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/02/2016 Busy #WotW

  1. Ah, you can’t include housework in ‘nothing’ as it is just always, always there, isn’t it?! We haven’t done much today, but I have done washing, ironing, cooking, hoovering….! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. ourlittleescapades

    lol yes days of doing nothing don’t really happen anymore. The lay in sounds nice, even with a full bed. I wonder if I will get them again one day ;0) #WotW

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