CD Review Peep Show by Innocence

I pre ordered this from Amazon Spain and it was delivered yesterday afternoon, a whole day before the email said it would be 😀 If you have an Amazon account, you can use any of their stores to order from and they convert the currency at checkout. I’ve used Spain, France and US with no problems.

Innocence is one of those artists whose CD’s get better each time. I thought she would have a tough time producing an album that was better than This Is Love.. but she has.

There really is not a weak track on here and no I am not just saying that, if there was something I didn’t like I would say so.  The songs are all in English (Yay!) not that I mind what language she sings in. It has a darker, more grown up feel to it than her previous albums, she has taken what she started on This Is Love and built on it.

I don’t know how much radio play her songs get in Spain/Mexico, it’s fair to say that outside of Il Divo fans, she’s probably unknown in the UK, but I do wish someone, somewhere would take note of her music and play it! I feel it would do really well over here. It’s pop music sung by someone who can actually sing.. unlike a lot of *popular* performers..ahem.

If you liked her previous work, you will love this.

There is a 12 track CD and a 5 track bonus DVD


  1. Peep Show
  2. Force Five Hurricane
  3. Paradise
  4. Love City
  5. The Streets
  6. Happy Ending
  7. Oomph
  8. Tell Me Lies
  9. With You
  10. Baby Baby
  11. Superstar
  12. Peep Show (video mix/English

DVD (Video clips and making of)

  1. Peep Show (video/English)
  2. Peep Show (video/Spanglish) that’s what it says!
  3. Back With You Tonight (Spanglish) bonus track
  4. Ya No Volveras (Back With You Tonight/Spanish) bonus track
  5. Peep Show (making of)



3 thoughts on “CD Review Peep Show by Innocence

  1. vswamp27

    I am almost afraid to order this as I ordered “This is Love” CD/DVD and someone stole it right off my desk. But order it I will.

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