Looking back at 2015

Christmas has been and gone, New Years Eve is almost here and by the weekend we’ll be in 2016. I can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone by to be honest, it only seems like yesterday I was looking at it being 2015.

It’s been a good year for us, a very good year for Sir who has completely amazed me with the things he’s been up to. In May he stayed away from home for the first time and despite my concerns, of which there were many, he enjoyed every single minute. He’s learned to ride a horse, he’s learned to sail a boat and got two certificates to show for it! Our Saturday mornings are now taken up with horse riding lessons, it feels like we are doing more as a family, something I have thought on occasion we would never do. Madam wanted lessons too and she is doing really well. They both had riding hats for Christmas.

Sir also started High School this year, and again he’s amazed everyone by how well he has settled in. Madam has done really well at school too, sitting nicely in assembly and concentrating in class. She even volunteered to do a speaking bit for one presentation. There have been many small ways that they have both shown how they growing up, Sir made me a cup of tea all on his own! and his speech is making big improvements.  Madam has taken steps to overcome her fear of dogs, helped along by my brother’s very lively West Highland Terrier Harvey 🙂

We took two holidays at Centreparcs, Eleveden and Sherwood, we even persuaded my parents to join us and they had a great time too. For Hubby’s 50th in August, we got away on our own to Stratford, which was lovely. As a result we went back in the October half term and took the kids. We had interconnecting rooms, the kids thought that was wonderful! We intend to go back again during one of the half terms next year too. Our new family motto seems to be “Enough talk, let’s do it!”

Concerts were in short supply this year, but I did get to see Mark Knopfler, Michael Ball, Joe Bonamassa, and took Madam to see Disney on Ice, her first *big* show and Chris & Pui’s Roadshow. Even Sir managed to get himself inside a theatre when the school took him to see Aladdin at a local theatre. He stayed for a while but then got unsettled, he went back to school and did Christmas activities instead, which he was happy about.

On a personal note, I took up writing again (yes I know I said there’d be another chapter..) I also lost quite a bit of weight (some of which has gone back on..)I started wearing earrings again after a very very long time and also I’ve decided to stop leaving my expensive perfumes for *special occasions* since they never arrive! A lady I work with gave me some clear nail varnish with glittery bits in. I don’t do nail varnish but I like the idea that I can’t muck that kind up! so for the first time in years I’ve been wearing nail varnish.

I would like wish everyone a happy, healthy 2016 and hope to continue to see you all here x

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