#SSAmazingAchievements 18/12/2015 Coping with head lice

Apparently they are rife round the local schools at the moment, and naturally my two got them..

Sir is not one for being messed with and fussed over so I was not looking looking forward to the cycle of combing out his hair with conditioner and a nit comb followed by drenching his hair in treatment. But much to my amazement, he has coped really really well. He has been so patient, he even wanted to put the conditioner on his hair himself!

As far as I can tell they’ve gone now, certainly Madam doesn’t have any, I shall treat them again at the weekend and hopefully that should be it.

Apologies if I’ve made you itch! LOL!

I’m linking – at a safe distance! with Jane http://ourlittleescapades.com/2015/12/small-steps-amazing-achievements-16th-december-2015/

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who take part in this linky and many thanks to Jane and Jeanette for hosting x


7 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 18/12/2015 Coping with head lice

  1. vswamp27

    I hated it when one of the kids in my class would get head lice. I scratched for weeks and made many trips to school nurse to check my head. Thankfully never did get them

  2. ourlittleescapades

    I hate lice and there was a case at our school. I was dreading Ethan getting them as I knew treating them would be a massive battle. Thankfully they missed us this time. I’m so glad this was an easy process for you. Lice can be so stressful.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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