Word of the Week 4/12/2015 ARRGGH #WotW


If it could go wrong this week it has.

Santa was very nearly on MY naughty list after we only received one letter from the North Pole instead of two.. I left it a couple of days and then sent him an email. I had wanted to give the kids the letters with their Advent Calenders but I didn’t have Sir’s so I couldn’t. I hid Madam’s instead and decided I’d wait.Β  I had a very nice reply to my email from Andy at Elf Services, who told me it wasn’t unusual for letters to get separated in the post and that it would be with us in a day or two. It arrived yesterday πŸ™‚

I had also ordered enough wine to open my own off licence some wine for Christmas, we pay a premium to have two extra free bottles with every case we order. The wine we paid for had turned up but not the free bottles. I phoned up and Matt the Wine Elf told me that my premiΓ¨re membership had not been renewed.. no one had told me. He offered to renew my membership at half price and I have now received four free bottles of wine πŸ˜€

On Wednesday I received a phone call from Sir’s school telling me he had an upset tummy and could I come and fetch him. They did say if he was okay he could go back to school on Thursday as sometimes that’s just how he is and there is nothing wrong. I had a hair appointment on Thursday morning so I cancelled that just in case and arranged to pick Madam up from the school office as Sir hates waiting by the gate.

Thursday came and Sir was fine (YAY!) so off he went to school. Madam was complaining of a tummy ache though and refusing to eat breakfast. Sometimes she does this to play up so I sent her…. no sooner had I walked out of the gate than she’d been ill… so I got a phone call in the middle of my shopping to go and fetch her home. She is off until Monday, she was ill a couple more times but she’s okay now. I’m having the time off to look after her.

Last night two lightbulbs blew and we didn’t have replacements, so I had to steal bulbs from other rooms…

Roll on next week…

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14 thoughts on “Word of the Week 4/12/2015 ARRGGH #WotW

  1. Oh you’ve had a terrible week – but at least you have four free bottles of wine winging their way to you! I really hope you have a better one next week and manage to re book yourself a hairdresser appointment before Christmas!

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