Who sings it best? Christmas Edition Silent Night

Haven’t done one of these for ages 🙂 for those who don’t know, I take several versions of the same song and ask “Who Sings It Best?”

No right or wrong answer.. no fighting either! All opinion is welcome, unless it’s rude then I’ll ban you 😀 😀

Silent Night then. Staple of Christmas albums by everyone 🙂

Il Divo

Michael Ball

Noah Stewart


Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire



4 thoughts on “Who sings it best? Christmas Edition Silent Night

  1. Meg

    Well, the Noah Stewart one didn’t play. For me, from the others, the Il Divo version was a clear and resounding winner. The beautiful thing about music, though, is that there is something that appeals to everyone and we don’t have to force people into little boxes just like everyone else. There are so many versions of songs like this that everyone can find the one that “floats their boat”. As for me, I’m “sailing” with the Divos.


  2. vswamp27

    Noah would not play for me either. Karen this is very unfair. I really liked all 3 versions but my favorite this time is the girls. Both Il Divo and Erasure were second.

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