Carlos Marin in Concert Madrid 21st -26th January 2016 @carlosmarin_

Been meaning to start a thread for this for ages but life keeps getting in the way! anyway, as you all know by now, Carlos will be doing a week of solo concerts in January. Tickets are on sale now! Unfortunately I’m not able to go but I look forward to hearing all about it πŸ˜€ His special guest will be Innocence! Should be a wonderful concert!

You can get tickets here

He posted this picture on Instagram the other day


“In Madrid preparing my New show in January from the 21st till the 24th don’t miss it …En Madrid relajandome y prepa random I show de Enero desde el 21 al 24 en el Compac Gran Via no os Lo perdais”

The theme for this round of Fans Day questions is the upcoming shows, so if you’ve anything to ask now is the time! Tweet him with #FansDay or leave a message on FB

Updated 2/1/2016

Fabulous news! Carlos is going to film the concerts and release a DVD! It will apparently be available worldwide in May/June πŸ˜€ needless to say this has made a lot of fans very very happy.

Over the Christmas period Carlos has been a very busy bee, promoting the concerts and performing on Spanish TV. Here is one of the appearances, he’s singing New York New York

Updated 23/1/2016

Couple of photos from the theatre

proxy SP24



7 thoughts on “Carlos Marin in Concert Madrid 21st -26th January 2016 @carlosmarin_

  1. I.m going! Feeling very low after my holiday not happening, then being extremely busy a twork and dad being in hospital so my friend decided I needed a break away. We are booked for the Saturday night with M&G. I have wanted to go to Madrid for a number of years. I was due to go with one of my friends and she decided it would possibly be too hot for her so we went to Bristol instead – not quite the same. Another friend and I were to go but when she found out that we couldn’t fly direct from Newcastle she decided we would go somewhere else! Third time lucky – I hope! We are travelling on the Friday so we can do some sightseeing on the Saturday during the day. Looking forward to it.

      1. Hi Karen – here we go!

        We arrived at the theatre at about 5.50 waiting for the doors to open. When it opened we were taken upstairs by Carlos’ sister. Carlos came up and we had the opportunity for a photograph (I hate having my photo taken – think it is back to the diet for me!). He signed the souvenir brochure, personalising it. Unfortunately Carlos’ signature has smudged. After this we were taken downstairs to wait for the theatre to open so that we could take our seats. We were all given programmes on entry into the theatre.

        The concert was as fantastic as we expected. I took some photos and some videos. I am putting the videos onto youtube in the same place as last time. I also took some photographs. How should I get these to you?. Here is the running order:

        β€’ Overture – Cats
        β€’ West Side Story:
        o Something is coming
        o Maria
        o Tonight
        β€’ My Fair Lady
        o On the street where you live
        β€’ All that Jazz
        o On Broadway
        β€’ Jesus Christ Superstar – video on youtube
        β€’ I can’t help falling in love – video on youtube
        β€’ Phantom of the Opera
        o Music of the night
        o Phantom of the opera (with Geri) – video on youtube
        β€’ Innocence:
        o Peep Show
        o Love City
        o Force Five
        o Hurricane
        o Taki rari
        o Taki Rari
        o Oomph
        β€’ Who wants to live forever (with Geri)
        β€’ Frank Sinatra Medley
        o New York New York
        o Fly me to the moon
        o My Way – video on youtube
        β€’ Latin Medley
        o El dia que me quieras
        o Somos novios
        o El Reloj
        β€’ Tom Jones Medley
        o Its not unusual – video on youtube
        o Delilah – video on youtube
        β€’ Time to say Goodbye (with Geri) – video on youtube
        β€’ The Impossible Dream
        β€’ Grenada

        When the videos are posted, they are on my channel – unfortunately I am not too good at this so not sure how you would search for it but I shall send you the links. The first one is at

        We had a fantastic night and it was a wonderful show. I would definitely go again.

        The videos are still uploading at present but should be ready for tomorrow.


      1. Thank you!!!! I have made a post out of your comment so that everyone can read it πŸ™‚ so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for sharing πŸ˜€

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