Christmas Clean Up 2015

I have one every year, it’s a bit of a tradition…2014’s was massive, and much to my amazement the house has remained relatively tidy all year, making this years much less effort. I’ve been having a move about in the kitchen, got rid of a bread maker that doesn’t work, put the coffee machine in it’s place, my stereo where the coffee machine was and a new phone where the stereo used to be. Together with the new oven it all looks so much better.

Then I did Madam’s room. Mainly throwing out crap and random pieces of rubbish that were no use to anyone any more. I also had a sort through her books and donated some that are too young for her now to the school.

I think a good clear out does you good. Clears the mind as well as the house so to speak.

The lounge is tidy again and the corner where the tree goes is clear. There is space on the wall cabinets to accommodate the various decorations and ornaments that reside there for a few weeks each year.

In our house the decorations are put up on the first weekend of December, tree, outside lights, the lot. I can’t wait! we are all involved and although it sometimes gets a bit frayed, the kids love it. Also the nights are so dark so early I’m looking forward to some Christmas lights to brighten things up for a while!


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