Christmas Music recommendations 2015

Tis the Season… or almost 🙂 so here are my favourite Christmas Albums. I have also searched Amazon to see what is new this year.

Now I do know that the lovely Michael Boe is releasing a Christmas single this year, so that is one to look forward to.

I am not a fan of the Now This Is Christmas 456 type CD’s but I do have a couple in my collection. Christmas Classical Voices from 2014 is excellent, also Now That’s What I Call Christmas from 2012.

The Il Divo Christmas Collection is my favourite to relax to whilst Winter Carols by Blackmore’s Night is a barnstormer of an album 😀 If you fancy something different try Snow Globe by Erasure or Posada by Gaby Moreno, also Heart’s A Lovemongers Christmas is well worth a listen.

Blake and The Overtones both have Christmas albums out. More to my tastes, LeAnn Rimes has released a holiday album called Today is Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Music recommendations 2015

  1. Two of my favourite Christmas albums are very old and remind me of when I was a child putting up the Christmas tree. One was from Bing Crosby where he goes around the world and different choirs/people sing Christmas songs and carols. The other is from Johnny Matthis.

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