Il Divo ticket sales – a personal view.

There has been a lot of chatter (about half a dozen posts) on the Il Divo Forum about how awful the tickets sales have been and how the Il Divo Fan Club sale should be avoided like the plague, because they put a huge mark up on the tickets and the seats are always crap and you are buying blind and they are unhelpful and.. and… you get the idea.

I had a code for the Amazon Pre Sale, actually I had three because I’d pre ordered three albums, but I only used the one. The seat selection was not very good, I wasn’t offered any floor seats, only ones that were towards the back end of the middle block seating if that makes sense. Not what I wanted. What I wanted was two seats near the front, and preferably to be able to upgrade one ticket to a M&G. Simple right?

I knew that The Ticketfactory was having a pre sale the following day, so I decided to leave the Amazon one and buy direct from the venue. Except when I went to buy my tickets, the website crashed. It wouldn’t let me buy any ticket of any kind. I phoned them up, I waited 8 minutes with no one answering me – on a premium rate call. I tweeted them, they sent me a link, it didn’t work. I swore. A lot.

So, I went to the Il Divo Fan Sale, I blind bought two tickets somewhere in the first six rows. It took me all of 5 minutes.

I went back to Ticketfactory later that day, the site was working but all the front seats had gone.

Then I tried my hand at getting my ticket upgraded… I emailed Live Nation. Their reply bordered on rude in my opinion:

Thank you for your email, this package can only be bought including a ticket and it will be £325 per person”

So I emailed the Il Divo Fan Store and got a very swift response:

“You will need to make that request of VIP Nation/Ticketmaster, since they are selling the packages. We cannot guarantee our presale seats are next to their inventory.”

I emailed back Thank You

“You are very welcome! Have a great time!”

How nice is that 🙂

So I emailed Ticketmaster.. they got confused…

“Thank you for your email.

We can’t offer exchanges or refunds unless the event is cancelled, so we always make sure to confirm the event and seat details to you throughout the checkout process, as we can’t go back and rectify mistakes afterwards.

As there haven’t been any changes to the event itself and there weren’t any errors with our website, unfortunately we can’t offer you an exchange for your booking.”

I didn’t want to exchange.. I wanted to spend more of my hard won cash with them… I haven’t bothered to correct them.

So, the *useless* Il Divo store sold me what I wanted, at the same price as the arena were selling them for, and even though they couldn’t help, they were polite and understood my request. My seat allocation came through as Row 6 and I’m very happy with that. No M&G this time, but I’ve met them twice, maybe next tour 🙂

The moral of this story is, buy your tickets from whomever will sell you what you want at a price you are happy with. Other people are free to do the same, but you shouldn’t always listen to the moaners.


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