Chapter 10

That time again. The gang is almost all here 🙂 and if you hadn’t guessed who the man on the train was.. well now you can find out 😉


The alleyway had been sealed off with police tape by the time Granger arrived but as there was no one standing guard he just stepped over it. Trying look as if he belonged there he walked with a purpose toward the club, glancing down at the floor every now and again although he wasn’t sure what he expected to find there. The police would have already conducted a thorough search, anything resembling evidence would have been bagged up and taken away for forensics to look at. Still, it didn’t hurt to double check. Granger was so preoccupied with his task, he almost didn’t notice that he had company.
“Who are you?” a voice demanded
Reid looked up to see a man standing roughly six feet ahead of him. He was shorter than Granger and stocky as opposed to Granger’s leaner build. He had a look about him that Granger did not like.
“You first” Granger’s smile didn’t reach his eyes and he made a show of opening his jacket to reveal the gun he was carrying. Normally his size was enough intimidate most people. This man however was not most people. Glaring at Granger, he reached inside his coat and pulled out a knife with a very ornate handle, he began to clean under his nails with the blade.
“You are not a policeman. You are not one of Stienmann’s staff. Tell me who you are. I will not be asking a third time”

“His name is Reid Granger and he is a private detective” Steinmann appeared behind the man with the knife “I believe Julianna has hired him to help find out what happened to her”
“I am and she did. How do you know?”
“I make it my business to know Mr Granger.. or can I call you Reid?”
“Put your dog back on his leash and you call me whatever you want”
“Now now Mr Granger, no need for any unpleasantness. This is Señor Valdez. I have hired him for the same reason Julianna hired you. To find out what happened, we are all on the same side”
Valdez gave a derogatory snort.
“Well that’s all right then” said Granger in a false show of politeness “Pleased to meet you Señor Valdez”
“Shall we go inside gentleman, I think any further discussion would be better taking place in private, don’t you?”
“Si” grunted Valdez and stalked off into the club.
“I don’t think he likes me” remarked Granger
“If he didn’t like you, you’d be dead by now” smiled Stienmann as he held the door open “after you”

Thistle, Bramble and Camomile watched the exchange with interest, although which bit each one found interesting varied dramatically.
“Oooh he’s hot with a capital H” sighed Camomile “Hot to trot
“Hot to what?” Thistle looked confused
“It means she thinks he’s attractive” Bramble rolled his eyes.
“Oh.. which one?”
“The mean looking one..he was so.. so….”Camomile struggled to find words
“Mean?” suggested Bramble “Nasty?”
“I can be mean too” pouted Thistle “if I want to be”
“Oh please” it was Camomile’s turn to roll her eyes
“Don’t start you two. We have to get into the club, find out what they are talking about and speak to that man”
“Which man? The hot one?”
“No! The other one. He’s the detective”


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