Happy Halloween? #FragileX

It’s that time of year. Halloween. Pumpkins, costumes and kids knocking on the door wanting sweeties. I don’t mind, the kids where I live always make an effort and are always polite.

However Sir and Madam are not fans. Madam gets very anxious about the *scary* costumes, even though most of them are Witches dresses or cat costumes from the supermarket. She is worrying about it now. The lady at the checkout today had a hat on and some face paint. Madam didn’t like it. Now I’m not suggesting for one minute that people who work in the shops shouldn’t dress up just because my kid happened not to like it, there will be plenty of others that do and I know it’s just a bit of fun. Madam is already mithering that I haven’t printed off a “No Trick or Treat” sign. The printer hates me and refuses to print it. Hubby will do it later, there will be a sign come sundown tomorrow night. But still she worries.

Sir on the other hand takes no notice of the costumes, the woman in the supermarket didn’t bother him in the slightest. It’s the fact that there is a stream of callers, knocking on the door that he doesn’t like. As if it’s somehow out of order, that no one is supposed to call after dark.

Every year I would answer the door, give out sweets and deal with meltdowns. Then one year we were away for Halloween and it was bliss. No callers. No meltdowns. Although Madam didn’t like the waitress in a restaurant who was dressed as a skeleton. She was lovely about it, and made Madam laugh in the end.

Last year I put a sign up and no one called. Fabulous. I know at first glance it might look like I’m no fun or I’m being a Scrooge about it, but I’m not. People need to realise that not all kids are the same and not all kids like Halloween. Mine don’t and that’s why the sign is up.

So to all who celebrate have spooktastic time, be safe and don’t eat all the sweets at once!

Just, please, don’t knock my door 🙂



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