Chapter Nine

Continuing on from the last chapter, more fun with Fae and sorry but I just couldn’t help myself with the last bit… 😀


It was Thistle who reacted first, he had a way of communicating with animals and he let out a very loud “meeeeeeoooooooow” Within a split second Bramble and Chamomile flew out of the bin like tiny rockets, towards the man. The cat who had passed by earlier, heard Thistle’s call for help and came racing back, it too launched itself at the man, claws first, hissing and spitting as it went.
“What the…” he cried as an angry ball of fur and three fireflies began attacking him.
The woman screamed for help, the door to club flew open and several bouncers spilled out into the alleyway, followed closely by Steinmann. The man with the flute, swung his arm, sending the cat crashing against the bins, then without turning round he took off into the night. The bouncers chased after him but he’d disappeared.
“Are you okay?” Steinmann took his jacket off and put it over her shoulders.
She nodded then burst into tears “If it hadn’t been for the cat, I don’t know what would have happened..”
She bent down and picked up the tabby that had seemingly manifested out of thin air, it purred and snuggled against her.
“Yes you, thank you”
Steinmann shook his head “Come back inside, we need to call the police”
The cat purred again.
“You as well I suppose, come on”
The door closed behind them, but not before the tabby cat had turned to smirk at Thistle.

“I love how the cat gets all the credit” he grumbled.
“Never mind that, at least now we know who has the flute” Bramble dusted himself off.
“All we have to do is find out where he’s taking it, get it back and return to the village”
“We’re going to need help” Chamomile said “Human help”
“Papa Burdock won’t like that” replied Bramble
“He won’t have to know. Not yet anyway”
“Do you have someone in mind?”
“What about the man that Julianna went to see?”
“The.. what did she call him? Defective?” Thistle frowned
“Detective. Yes him”
“The Defective Detective”
“Grow up”
“Will you two stop it?” Bramble snapped “Our kind have stayed out of the way of humans for centuries, we can’t just go flying in through the window on a cloud of pixie dust”
“I don’t see why not” Chamomile glared at him “after all we’ve been following the womenfolk for weeks now and I know they’ve spotted us”
“We don’t have any pixie dust” said Thistle helpfully “Maybe if we all thought a happy thought..”
“You’ve been reading Peter Pan again haven’t you?”
“So what if I have? I like that book”

Bramble sighed as Chamomile and Thistle continued to bicker despite his appeals for them to stop. It wasn’t getting them anywhere, they were all tired and cold which wasn’t helping matters. They should find somewhere to rest for the night, the alley would be full of humans when those police people turned up. It wasn’t a Peter Pan they needed he mused it was a Captain Hook and a fucking big crocodile. Would the Defective Detective be up to the job?

*he’s not really defective 🙂


8 thoughts on “Chapter Nine

  1. Margaret McClintock

    This is so darn fun. The Fae may wind up being better than the Smurfs. I hope El Senor isn’t changed to much. I loved that character.


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