CD Review Blackmore’s Night All Our Yesterdays

Released last month, this album has rarely been off my CD player. Maybe it’s the autumn weather, Blackmore’s Night are perfect autumnal listening 🙂

I must admit, the first time I heard it, I wasn’t sure. Then I played it again and decided I was very sure I liked it.

The title track does sound very familiar though, I think they’ve done a similar tune with similar themes before. It’s still a foot tapping toon though!

Their cover of Mike Oldfield’s Moonlight Shadow is sublime. Richie has dusted off his electric guitar for this album. A re working of Where Are We Going From Here gets rocked up too, I personally prefer that to the slower version, but both are good.

Instrumental piece Darker Shade Of Black is well, quite dark and does take a listen or two but it has grown on me.

As a whole the album is definitely play it, turn the volume up and play it again.

Can we have a UK tour now please??

Track List

All Our Yesterdays

Allan Yn N Fan (instrumental)

Darker Shade Of Black (instrumental)

Long Long Time

Moonlight Shadow

I Got You Babe

The Other Side

Queens Lament (instrumental)

Where Are We Going From Here

Will O’The Wisp

Earth Wind And Sky

Coming Home


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