Album Review Sista Jean and CB Requiem for a Heavyweight (Tribute to Odetta)

Available as a download only, this album is Old School Blues at it’s absolute best. I have seen Sista Jean live as part of Hugh Laurie’s Copper Bottom Band. She is incredible. On this album, the music is parred right down, in fact on one track it is just her and hand clapping. How many artists can do that properly these days?

There is blues, gospel, a sixties classic and Sista Jean makes them all her own. The version of House of the Rising Sun is amazing as is Glory Glory. She is Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross all rolled into one and then some extra power added just for good measure.

Check out the songs on Youtube then buy the album!!

Seriously recommended for lovers of blues, gospel and damn fine music.

Track List

Alabama Bound

Easy Rider

House of the Rising Sun

Jack of Diamonds

Deep River

Another Man Done Gone

Midnight Special

Take This Hammer

Troubled Man Of Mine

Hear Me Talking To Ya

Meet ‘n’ At The Building

Glory Glory

Updated 27/2/2016

I had a lovely surprise the other day, Sista Jean tweeted me to say how much she liked my review of her album 🙂 it really things seem worthwhile, that she’d taken a minute or two to read what I’d said and then comment on it. So thank you to you too Sista Jean 🙂




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