Word of the Week 09/10/15 Improvement #WOTW

After last weeks fun and games with Madam I am pleased to say that this week has seen a big improvement in her behaviour at school. The Choices Chart seems to be working and if she starts to slip, her buddy only has to gently remind her about losing he tablet and order is restored. Last night Sir came home in a strop, throwing shoes, lunch bags and anything else he could get his hands on. For something to say to get him to stop I told him he’d get a cross like his sister does. You should have seen his face.. LOL! he did not like that at all. I did put a cross on his calender and he went to look to see if I’d done it. He didn’t speak to me for half an hour afterwards. Bless him. Then he came and gave me a cuddle, said he was sorry and was okay after that. I really didn’t think it would work for him, but it was obvious he knew what I meant. Hopefully we’ll see some improvement there too..

On a lighter note I’ve started my pre Christmas Clean… and I’ve been replacing bits and bobs in the house whilst I’m at it. New table lamps in our bedroom and new cushions in the lounge. Both of which have made an improvement.

How was you week?

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-91015/



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