Chapter Seven

Sorry it’s been a while, life is very busy at the moment. So without further a do, let’s take a look at those photos shall we…


The neatly typed note that accompanied the photographs lay flat on the desk, almost daring him to read it again, he didn’t have to though, he knew it off by heart now.

Mr Keeton

My my don’t you keep some interesting company during the evenings when your wife thinks you are working late hmm? What would happen if she found out? Would she leave you? Divorce can be so expensive these days…
So, how much would you be willing to pay me in order to make sure she never sees these pictures? Shall we start at £30,000 and see how we go from there?
I know you’re a businessman and I expect you’ll want to barter a little.
I’ll look forward to it.


He knew exactly when and where those photos had been taken. It was six months ago, in a room at the tackiest hotel he had been able to find. Well, tacky by his standards anyway, nothing less than a three star hotel had been his only stipulation when his wife had first made the suggestion.
They’d been lying in bed one night and Raquel suddenly got the idea of meeting at a anonymous hotel, pretending they didn’t know each other and seeing where it led. She had even dyed her hair a completely different shade, worn an outrageously short dress and huge sunglasses. He had almost not recognised her. They had flirted over drinks and then gone to the room where they almost hadn’t made it into bed, such was the passion between them.
And some bastard had somehow managed to get photos of them. The idea of being blackmailed with images of him and his own wife was almost funny. Only almost though. Raquel would be devastated. She may have been a stripper..sorry.. exotic dancer when they met, but she wasn’t now. Her talents were for his eyes only.

He picked up his paper knife and drove it with such force into the desk that the blade broke.


His stomach dropped and his heart almost burst out of his chest. Calm down he told himself calm down.


“What’s wrong? Bad day at the office?” she was trying to keep her tone light but she wasn’t sure how well she was doing. Something was very wrong, she hadn’t seen him this angry in a long time.
He sighed. He’d have to tell her but he had no idea how or where to start even.
Raquel made her way over to the desk and Guy froze in his seat. He should hide the photos, hide the note but his arms and hands refused to co operate with the frantic signals from his brain.
He watched feeling utterly helpless as she picked them up one by one, the colour draining from her face. Her hand shook as she read the note. He saw the look of horror on her face. Suddenly movement returned to his body and he jumped up from his chair, he took the letter from her and put it down on the desk. He held her and he told her not to cry, that he would find the person responsible and he would sort it out. Sort them out. He’d sort them out so bloody well there wouldn’t be enough left of them for their own mother to recognise.

And he knew who he could ask to help him do it.


6 thoughts on “Chapter Seven

  1. Margaretirene

    Oh, I do hope that the person he has in mind has some of the characteristics of OUR El Senor. Even if not, I’m anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

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