Word of the Week 02/10/15 Madam #WOTW

Madam has been living up to her nickname this week and being a right little madam…

Refusing to do her learning, not listening to the teacher or her ‘Buddy’, resulting in both of them digging their heels in.. except her buddy has had years more experience of heel digging than Madam so you can imagine how that went.

One day Madam had the most almighty strop in class, to the point the Head Teacher even tried to get her to snap out of it by attempting to make her laugh but to no avail.. he’s very nice is the head teacher and very funny so for it not to work meant she well and truly had one on her.

This went on for a week. Both Hubby and I have spoken to her, told her she’ll be losing her tablet for a week if she doesn’t pack it in. But no. I got told again on Wednesday that she’d been playing up.

As it happens, she has a Frozen calender on her wall, so this is being used as a “Choices Chart” Her buddy uses these at school and Madam does not like them. Basically if she behaves and makes the right choices she gets a tick for that day. If she doesn’t she gets a cross. Madam does not like crosses. If she gets too many crosses there are *consequences*…..

Yesterday I was told she’s had a brilliant day and been very well behaved 😀

Hopefully it will continue.

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-21015/


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