The Mum Wardrobe

Some of you may know, I’ve lost almost 2 stone since March.. twice.. I put some back on over the 6 weeks holiday and now I’ve lost it again. So with Christmas approaching and folks wanting to know what I would like, I decided that new clothes would be a good idea. Especially since if they were presents, I wouldn’t have to buy them 😀

I started to have a nose online at some of my favourite stores, just to see what was what. I’ve never been fashionable.. ever. My style now is most definitely “Mum at Matalan/ASDA/Whoever is selling cheap t-shirts” You know what I mean.. comfy jeans, t-shirts with those capped sleeves.. socks with spots on.. *sensible* boots or trainers. I can’t even dress up for work.. fashionable clothing does not mix with being a Dinner Lady.. cleaning, stacking tables and chairs, encouraging kids to eat, opening yoghurt cartons that then explode all over you, basically being a Mum on slightly bigger scale, so it’s jeans, t-shirts, trainers…

I don’t go to fancy places.. generally we go to concerts.. so guess what.. yup, jeans again and a tour t-shirt from the last concert of whoever I’m seeing that I went to.
I know I’m not alone, I bought some tops from a supermarket and every mum within a 5 mile radius was wearing them too. And some of them were older than me.

I look at some things and think “I’m 42 not 82” even my grandmother would have called them old fashioned. Why can’t someone somewhere come up with clothes that are casual, practical but don’t make us look like we are 20 years older? I’m sure they would make a fortune. Maybe the problem is me. I’m just not made for fashion.. I don’t do skinny.. I rarely wear skirts.. I do have a couple of dresses but I haven’t worn them in over a decade. I can’t wear heels and it seems I’m 20 years too old to wear anything trendy.

Oh well.. back to the internet.. I could do with a couple more t-shirts..






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