Picking your battles… #FragileX

On Sunday, we took Sir and Madam to see the ‘Chris and Pui Roadshow’ at our local theatre. We’d been before, Sir had refused all persuasion/bribery/blackmail to get him to even go further than the lobby, in the end Hubby took him to the park, they had a drink and he was happy. Madam and I stayed to watch the show, we both enjoyed it.

So when I saw they were coming to town again, I bought 4 tickets, my reasoning being that since they were dirt cheap, it wouldn’t matter too much from a financial respect if Sir decided not to go in. His confidence has improved so much over the past the year though, I did have a little hope that he might just stay this time. But it wasn’t to be. He flopped on the floor and refused to get up. Right in the way of everyone coming into the theatre.. obviously. Now he’s at least 5ft and stocky. No way could I pick him up so I just plastered a smile on my face and  said to people “Go round him, he’s having a hissy fit” the responses where “Oh okay!” and nervous smiles. Better than staring and tuts though. The theatre staff remembered him and were brilliant.

In the end I said “Do you want to go home?”

He said he did, so I told him he had to stand up. That worked and he was back on feet. Hubby took him home. Sir looked so terrified it just wasn’t worth it.
Madam and stayed and the show was brilliant! She even got to meet them afterwards and have a photo taken, even though she was terrified! 😀

It left me feeling sad to think that going to the theatre as a family is something that just won’t happen.

However, the next day, Sir had a dentist appointment. He hates the dentist. However, with a little gentle but firm persuasion he actually let the dentist look at his teeth. It put my feelings over the theatre into perspective. It was far more important for me to get him to co operate at the dentist than it was for him to watch a show. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.




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