Word of the Week 11/09/2015 New Routines #WOTW

The kids have started back to school this week and both have settled down remarkably well. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was without them here! I must admit I’m not a fan of having to get out of bed at 7:00am but needs must πŸ™‚

I’m also back at work so I no longer have the whole day to get things done, shopping, housework and appointments have to be split before and after my shift. It might only be an hour or so but it makes a difference.

There have been some changes to our routine, Sir goes out slightly earlier and gets home half an hour later than he did before. Even though it’s a long day for him, it’s rather nice for me as I get sometime to ask Madam about her day and sort through her school stuff properly rather than having two whirlwinds racing round me in a flurry of bags and coats. Then I can do the same for him when he gets home.

Hubby has been getting home slightly earlier too which is nice πŸ™‚

So far so good and our new routines seem to be working well.

PS. I know that’s two words but I didn’t have a word when I started writing the post and it came to me about halfway through!

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6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 11/09/2015 New Routines #WOTW

  1. *Smiles* this post could almost be written by me, apart from your new routines seem to be working for you!! Trying to give each some one-on-one time is challenging when they come home from school, sounds like the staggered approach is really working for you
    Best of luck with your new routines

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