#SSAmazingAchievements 10/9/2015 Starting High School #FragileX

Tuesday was D-Day. Finally after all the preparation, the sadness at leave Primary school behind and tears from everyone, Sir started High School.
His bus came at 8:15am to pick him up and he got on quite happily 🙂 the driver and assistant are really nice people.
At 1:30pm I got a text message saying he wasn’t in school.. one panicked phone call later established that indeed he was in school and “sitting beautifully, listening to a story” phew…
His teacher later apologised for the mistake, a computer error apparently but on the bright side it did give me a sneaky chance to find out how he was doing! It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, you always worry on the first day of school 🙂

She told me that he’s settled in with the staff and his peers really well and had been doing art in the afternoon. I also have a copy of his lesson timetable so I know what he does each day.

Starting any school is a big thing but High school is such a big jump and he’s adapted brilliant. Very very proud Mum here 😀

I’m linking with Jane this week http://ourlittleescapades.com/2015/09/small-steps-amazing-achievements-9th-september-2015/


8 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 10/9/2015 Starting High School #FragileX

  1. So glad he has adjusted well to starting high school. It’s a big step. I would have freaked out at that phone call, glad it was just a mistake. I’m also glad he is happy with the transport.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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