Updates from @carlosmarin_ in tweets

A couple of days ago Carlos was kind enough to do a Fans Day question and answer. He answered a selection of questions from Twitter and Facebook, in English and Spanish. You can find a very good full translation here Carlos Marin Fan Q&A Translations (@carlosmarin_)
on my friend Sarah’s webpage 🙂

Here are Carlos’ tweets:

He also shared this picture with us


: this picture is from 1995 at the Calderon Theater, Madrid when i was in the Spanish opera called “MARINA”

Os comparto esta foto de 1995 en el Teatro Calderón de Madrid haciendo la ópera española llamada “MARINA”

I remember that picture caused quite a stir when it was posted on Facebook a while back but now we know where it was from 🙂 hopefully he’ll post more pictures of himself in pre Il Divo performances.

He recommended music to us..

and quotes 🙂 is this a sneak preview of his next concert speech.. 😀

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Thank you.


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