CD’s that feature @carlosmarin_

I noticed that quite a few folks were asking Carlos about his pre Il Divo music and if he  intended to make a solo CD. He replied that there are recordings of his pre ID stuff available. So I’ve been having a dig about to see what I could find 🙂

Martin y Soler: La Capricciosa Corretta with Carlos as Don Giglio is available from Amazon UK for £24.50. Expensive but hard to get hold of. I have a copy and it is very good.

Los Miserables (Les Miserables) Spanish Cast recording with Carlos as Marius is available from Amazon UK for £14.58.  I have this too and it is excellent.

Amazon have Innocence’s CD This is Love (£9.22) and This is Love Live (£16.88) Amor De Angel is also available but is £35.. you can order CD’s from her website too.

I did find something that proclaimed to be the original Spanish cast recording of Beauty and The Beast. I know this is a CD – if it exists- that many fans would like to own. However apart from a picture of CD cover there wasn’t any further information. It is “Currently Unavailable” at the moment.. so we will see.

There are Youtube videos of recordings of Carlos in

Jekyll and Hyde
Peter Pan
Beauty and the Beast
Romeo and Juliet
La Capricciosa Corretta
Los Miserables
Zarzuela “La Revoltosa
La Gran Vie
La Verbena de la Paloma – Si eh!

Hope this is of some help to people 🙂







4 thoughts on “CD’s that feature @carlosmarin_

  1. Diane

    Thanks Karen…i looked for the cd of Peter Pan…all foreign Amazon sites showed pics but all were , of course , were unavailable..x

  2. Margaretirene

    The Jeckyl y Hyde was evidently a promo disc done for the play. Critics seemed to think it was better than the play cast–which did ‘t include Carlos and Gerri. So it isn’t available as it was just promo and not a cast recording.

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