Chapter Four

It wasn’t Granger’s usual practice to share his cases with the police and he certainly didn’t betray client confidence unless it was absolutely necessary, however since the police were already involved in this particular mystery he saw no reason not accept Inspector Coxson’s offer of a ‘nice little chat’. He had suggested a small coffee shop that was just far enough out of the town centre to ensure it was always quiet. When Granger arrived a man whom he assumed to be the Inspector was sitting at a corner table.
“Usual?” the proprietor asked.
“Please” replied Granger.
“Take a seat and I’ll bring it over to you”
Granger ambled over to the man at the corner table “Inspector Coxson? Reid Granger. We spoke on the phone”
“Indeed we did. Nice to put a face to a name”
The coffee arrived and the Inspector took the opportunity to order a second cup. The two men made small talk for a while, dodging round the real purpose of the meeting until they were sure they wouldn’t be interrupted by anyone.

“I believe” Coxson absently stirred his drink “that you have recently become involved in a case I’m working on”
“I believe so, yes”
“May I ask who hired you?”
“Julianna Harris”
A shadow briefly past over Coxon’s face “Did she say who recommended you to her by any chance?”
“I advertise in the local paper, she got my name from there or so she said”
“Is there a problem?”
Coxon sighed. He’d rather hoped Granger was the outside help Steinmann had referred to, now he wasn’t so sure.
“No, no problem. So may I ask what Mrs Harris told you?”
“Nothing she hasn’t already told you I’m sure” Granger gave a brief account of the conversation he’d had with Julianna “She did say she heard someone playing a flute shortly before she passed out though”
“Yes, they all said the same thing.
That piqued Granger’s interest “All of them?”
“Julianna Harris is the third. The other two are dancers at the Sophistikitty Club. Julianna works there too, behind the bar as you know. Frederic Steinmann is not happy to say the least”
Granger made an oh noise but didn’t comment.
“Off the record” Coxson lowered his voice “you are not the only hired help”
Granger raised an eyebrow “I’m not?”
“No, you are not. Stienmann is bringing someone to the party as well. To be honest I thought it was you”
“Then who?”
“I don’t know” Coxson drained his cup “and that’s what worries me”

Later that day when Granger was on his way home, thoughts of who else might be involved began to worry him too.



10 thoughts on “Chapter Four

  1. vswamp27

    Dun da dun dun–who is the stranger hired to help solve the case? Very interesting. Karen thanks for taking time to write this story,

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