Word of the Week 7/08/2015 Lull #WOTW


After a busy start to the summer break with our holiday and Madam’s birthday, things have fallen into a bit of a lull. I for one am not complaining. The farthest we have been from home is Morrisons. On Tuesday I took the kids for breakfast there and then did the food shop. We’ve been back again this morning to stock up – as you do.

The kids have been playing in the garden or watching Youtube videos on their tablets. No one has exactly done a lot. Well I have obviously! there is always housework..

But mostly it’s been calm and quiet, which has been rather nice. Tomorrow the whirl of activity starts again. I’ve booked a horse riding lesson for them both, then there is a whirl of birthdays, celebrations, the car needs it’s MOT and a hundred other things. For now though I’ll enjoy the peace!

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Week 7/08/2015 Lull #WOTW

  1. We all need a Lull every now and again. My children love nothing but lulling in their PJs and playing with their toys. Even a trip to the supermarket is a challenge sometimes because they really don’t want to move anywhere!
    Enjoy the relaxing moment

  2. I always find that’s the way things go here too, one week we are super quiet and other weeks we are far too busy! It keep me on my toes. I hope you have a good week coming up!


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