Daniel Pearson – Alone, Together @daniel_pearson

I have posted before about artists I discovered via Twitter and out of all of them Daniel Pearson is my favourite. Although I own his previous albums I decided to wait for this one to come out before writing a review.

His style is similar to that of David Grey, haunting piano melodies and beautiful lyrics. Music for grown ups for want of a better description, although I’m sure he has fans of all ages.

All the tracks on the album are excellent but if I was forced to choose then stand out tracks would be Hymn For The Hopeless, Rivers and Come Back Around. There is a new version of I Still Believe from his previous album Mercury State. It doesn’t seem too different from the original.. improved upon would be a better way to put it and I didn’t think the original needed any improving! It has “Classic” stamped all over it.

Highly recommend you check out Daniel’s music either on Spotify or iTunes. Maybe buy a CD or three? Help a genuine talent get the recognition he deserves 🙂

Track List

Hymn For The Hopeless

The Bridge

As Deep As Love

I Still Believe


The Open Sea

War Stories


Come Back Around




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