Eight years of Madam…#FragileX

It was Madam’s birthday last Saturday, she was eight 🙂 I can’t believe where the time has gone.

When she arrived Sir’s world rather turned upside down. He was not overly fond of this new small person who had a habit of having a crying fit every time one of us went to play a game with him. Now however they are each others best friend. They rarely argue although now Sir is a pre teen or tween I believe is the phrase, his little sister’s constant chatter has prompted the odd “Shut Up Madam!” or “Go Away Madam” but that is siblings for you.

She does chatter though, in fact she rarely shuts up to be honest. She has questions about everything and anything. Which is a good thing I know. When she has an idea in her head it has come out no matter what else she’s supposed be doing.

In some respects she is quite young for her age. She has no interest in boy bands – thank god- and would rather watch My Little Pony. She can make a toy out of anything, she has been know to use different coloured Lego blocks in place of Angry Birds toys. She has such a fantastic imagination. She wants to try everything and do everything.

At the same time though she is very grounded, and keeps the rest of us grounded too. Very often something she has wanted to do has been cut short because Sir has had enough and wanted to go home. She has never complained about it either, never held it against him. I do feel for her, especially when she’s had to trail behind us as hubby and I use our combined power of persuasion to get Sir to wherever he’s refusing to go. On holiday we took it in turns to take her to do what it was she wanted to do whilst Sir refused to leave the steps of the pool. It can’t be easy being a SEN sibling.

If Sir has been told off she’ll stick up for him. She’ll tell us if he’s thrown something somewhere, she tries to help him calm down, she tries to cheer him up. I think no one understands Sir like she does. I worry for her future, I wouldn’t want her to become responsible for him in our absence. She may have a family of her own, it could be one of her kids has Fragile X, you just don’t know.

But bringing the post round to happier thoughts, she is the happiest, noisiest, bossiest, imaginative, talkative little girl. When she started school she was not in the best place. She had (and still has) support boots, she wasn’t toilet trained, she refused to learn.

Now however thanks to the two fantastic “Buddies” she has had she is doing brilliantly. She gets loads of support, the teachers love her, the kids love her. She has been going to an after school club all year and hopefully will go back to it in September. She will be in Year 4 which is a scary thought in itself. Her new teacher is lovely and I hope she will continue to progress in leaps and bounds.







9 thoughts on “Eight years of Madam…#FragileX

  1. vswamp27

    Oh goodness seems like Madam has made a lot of progress herself. Karen I so admire you for raising Sir and Madam as you and Martin have been doing.

  2. karen you and martin do a great job rasing those two children
    sis is doing wel and madam also she is an good help look afther
    her brother doing great at school she is going to be an lovely lady

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