Magnum “Escape From The Shadow Garden – Live 2014” @Magnumonline_

We had intended to go and see this concert however as we were travelling back from a holiday that day we didn’t. So when I read that a live album was being released I was a very happy bunny indeed.  I eventually got round to listening to it last night and I was an even happier bunny. It’s brilliant.

Sometimes the sound quality on live albums can be a bit hit and miss.. not on this one. It’s spot on. It is a fine example of Magnum doing what they do best.

New songs Live ’till You Die, Unwritten Sacrifice and Falling For The Big Plan mix with classics such as How Far Jerusalem, All England’s Eyes and the mighty Les Morts Dansent making me wish I had gone to that concert after all!

Tony Clarkin has to be one of the most underrated guitarists there has ever been. His playing – whilst always very very good- seems to have got even better in recent years. Bob Catley is still one of the best rock vocalists around.

This is a play it once, play it twice, play it all day long and play it loud album.

If you are after an excellent quality live rock album look no further. If they come to your town on the next tour – go! I will definitely be there 😀


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