Word of the Week 31/07/2015 Birthday! #WOTW

Tomorrow is Madam’s birthday, she will be 8! it is the first of four birthdays this month – Madam, Sir, my brother and Hubby.

In my infinite wisdom I have invited both sets of grandparents over for a buffet lunch, so this week I have been stocking my fridge and freezer to their full capacities. Presents have been wrapped and cards have been written.

Today she came with me to choose a cake. Lightening McQueen. Kerchow. I know I could have made one and hand decorated it but Mary Berry I am not so it’s come from the supermarket.

Hope you have all had a great week πŸ™‚

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19 thoughts on “Word of the Week 31/07/2015 Birthday! #WOTW

  1. Wowsers, that’s a lot of birthdays! I’m totally with you on the cake thing, there are so many other things to prepare when it comes to birthdays and as my creative skills aren’t quite matched up to creating a Lightening McQueen cake I’d be doing exactly the same!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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