Taking up writing again…

Now before you get the wrong idea I am not nor never have been some literary genius knocking out best sellers at a rate of knots. I did however used to enjoy a doing a little bit of creative writing. Mostly Fan Fictions.. don’t judge me. Earlier in the year though I lost all interest in it and removed all my writing from the blog. Since then I have concentrated on the couple of linkys I take part in, a little bit of music review – just for fun not for profit! – and Fragile X related stuff.

Recently though my interest in creative writing has returned, I’ve been going through a couple of my stories and re writing them, just for my own amusement to see if I could make them better.

There was one story that I never finished. I’ve been thinking about that story a lot lately and I have made the decision to post it again. Not in the original Fan Fiction form but as a proper story with my own characters and hopefully a better storyline. I am going to re write it as I go along.. I always seem to work better that way. I was never one for forward planning!

I’ve been working on a Prologue for it and I’m going to post that tonight.  Hopefully folks will enjoy it and I’ll be inspired to continue 😀




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