A Flute, The Fae and a Photograph – Prologue

Author’s note. This is a Detective/Mystery type story. It has Adult themes and language.

He sat watching her dance, watching the way she flirted with every man in the room apart from him. Blonde hair swirling around her as she shimmied up and down the pole. Just as she did every night, never paying him the slightest bit of attention no matter how much money he threw onto the podium. Tonight though he’d kept his wallet in his pocket. He’d had enough of wasting his cash on her. Besides thanks to a stroke of luck earlier in the week he now had the means to get what he wanted for free, all he had to do was stay there till closing time and wait by the back door the staff used to enter and exit the building. It led into an alleyway behind the club, the security light above the door providing only a bare minimum of illumination. That was fine by him. He didn’t need a lot of light for what he intended to do.

For the briefest moment she caught his eye. He smiled and raised his glass at her. She carried on dancing. I’ll be getting a private show later he thought to himself and she won’t remember a thing about it.

Jenna swung round the pole for the umpteenth time, upside down just for a change. Same old dance routine for the same old customers and to make matters worse that guy was in again. She resolved to have a word with her boss about him. He made her nervous but she couldn’t put her finger on why. She dropped down into the splits and then forward onto the floor. The men were drooling into their beer. Sad bastards. She smiled though just for them obviously and removed another item of clothing. Mr Creepy was watching her from the other side of her podium. Trouble was she mused as she continued the motions of her dance was that he was so ordinary looking. How would she describe him to Steinmann? Average height, average looks, mousey hair. He could be any one of a hundred men who frequented the Sophistikittie Club on a regular basis. Maybe she should ask the other girls if they felt the same way. If it wasn’t just her, she might stand a chance of getting him barred or something. Steinmann could be a swine when he wanted to be but he looked after his girls and stood no messing from the clients.

The music she was dancing to boomed it’s way to a crescendo and the lights on the stage went out.

The cleaning lady found her the next day, slumped in the doorway of the club fast asleep and wearing the same clothes she’d had on the previous night. It took a good ten minutes and a hard slap across the face before she stirred. Worried that maybe the young girl had taken too much of whatever it was the young people took these days the cleaner had phoned for an ambulance.

Jenna was taken to a local hospital where the doctors seemed unable to to determine what was wrong with her. Tests showed the only drug in her system was caffeine from the energy drinks she’d consumed during the previous evening. There were no traces of alcohol, she wasn’t pregnant and she had no STD’s. They took an MRI scan as a precaution but it only further proved there was nothing wrong with her. A nurse came and did a rape kit just in case but there were no obvious signs of an assault. The Doctor signed a release form, told her to take a couple of days off work and sent her home. The police visited her the next day to take a statement.

All she could remember was leaving the club around 1:30am and music. She definitely remembered hearing music in the alleyway. She said it sounded like someone playing a flute.


13 thoughts on “A Flute, The Fae and a Photograph – Prologue

  1. Meg

    Hi Karen,
    Well, I’m hooked. Will be waiting to find out more about what happens to Jenna. Flutes are good–anyway we get them. LOLOL


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