Il Divo on a video shoot in Mexico

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you cannot fail to have seen these. All taken by Joselo™ (@zurrdo)

Looking forward to seeing the finished video 😀

18310_1003807502970851_5923540102038968665_n 10732040_403468259856871_1352635504_n 11193418_511897088969416_76815187031808841_n 11703169_511901115635680_7843560787626377944_n 11796192_1003348816350053_2937444036893357822_n 11822481_511896925636099_4330996219303401137_n 11223647_511896965636095_6929053277428891211_n 11781834_511896922302766_2566809865119622084_n 11811511_1003355803016021_8187386231415792403_n IcVLxlTs 11822532_511896952302763_8866815519294193274_n 11824976_511897068969418_6220236768106102463_n 11800244_511896998969425_7369551240456745560_n


7 thoughts on “Il Divo on a video shoot in Mexico

  1. They’re filming your story OMG! Hehehe. But colour me intrigued as well. Dancing girls? Card games? Walking through mist? Singing (?) from balconies? 👍

    That dog though……..

  2. Meg

    I agree. Can’t wait to see the finished video. Did you have to mention Flute Smurf. I’m still weeping that I don’t know whether El Senor winds up living happily ever after with Rosa. I can’t help it that you are a good writer, and I cared about your characters.

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