Classic Quadrophenia at the Royal Albert Hall Sky Arts Monday 5th July

Bit odd to be reviewing a concert that I watched from the comfort of my own settee but if it hadn’t been for the wonderful Sky Arts channel showing this only two days after it’s premiere I would not have got to see it at all. Tickets were in high demand and it looked like every one had been sold.

I booted put my kids to bed early so I could watch undisturbed. I have to say it did seem that Sky Arts had employed a BBC sound man as I had to turn the TV right up to hear properly. Classic Quad it seems is best enjoyed LOUD.

There is no doubt in my mind that despite wonderful performances from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who played their socks off, the London Oriana Choir who sang their socks off, all under the command of Robert Ziegler who conducted his socks off – even donning a parka style tail coat at the end! – Phil Daniels, Billy Idol and Pete Townshend who of course wrote the music in first place, there was only one star of the show…

Alfie Boe.

Alfie is an amazing performer. He is an Opera singer, Musical Theatre star and occasional Rock God. That night, on that stage he added Unstoppable Force of Nature to his repertoire.

From the first song “The Real Me” to the piece de resistance  “Love Reign O’er Me”  Alfie was on fire. His face the very picture of concentration and focus as he blew the the roof off the RAH.  I truly cannot think of any other living singer who could have done this.

Pete Townshend was greeted like a King by the Who fans as was Phil Daniels.

Much as I would have loved to have seen this live it wasn’t possible and I had resigned myself to waiting for the DVD. The idea of showing one off shows like this on TV a day or so after the event is genius. It isn’t the same as seeing it live but it’s an extremely good alternative!  It gives more people the opportunity to see it, I hope it continues.

The show received a standing ovation. And there was one in my living room too.






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