Our little Dark Horses #FragileX #FragileXAwarenessMonth

a person who keeps their interests and ideas secret, especially someone who has a surprising ability or skill.

It is Fragile X Awareness month and until now I haven’t had time to flood your twitter timelines with stuff post too much about it.

The trouble with Fragile X kids and indeed any child with autism or learning disabilities is that they are not overly fond of letting their parents know the full extent of their capabilities. They prefer to keep it to themselves lest we parents expect them to actually do all things they do at school.

Recently I have been finding out just how much of dark horse my son is. He can sail a boat on his own for a start, but obviously that’s not going to happen at home!

He can dress himself yet he thinks I’m going to do that at home. Not any more Matey.

He refuses to brush his teeth at home, but everyday before lunch at school he happily does it.

I always thought he was terrified of the shower. Apparently not. After swimming he has to go up and down the whole shower block before he goes and gets dressed. I discovered this after the other day he came home from school absolutely filthy. I made him go straight upstairs to get changed and made him shower. He thought it was great, I was really happy. I wrote a short note in his diary and the TA that replied was astounded that I’d said he doesn’t like the shower.. I also have a feeling he showered at Bendrigg too.

Speaking of which, the school have sent us a CD and a DVD of his week away. I am expecting to discover the full extent of my son’s dark horseness when I watch it.

All of a sudden he has discovered a love of Angry Birds, which we are very happy about as he has never shown the slightest interest in before.

The other week he let me cut all his nails. Fingers and toes without any complaint.

I guess the point is that kids are different at school than they are at home. We parents sit there and worry our socks off about how they’ll cope, what they are doing, we give lists as long as both our arms to teachers/carers about what they can/can’t/will/won’t do and then the little darlings go all out to make us look like wrong!

Communication between home and school is so important. If Sir doesn’t sleep well one night I write it in his diary. If he does something fabulous at home I tell the school. Ask them for an update each day. You will be surprised at how much your little/not so little ones get up to.





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