Some music for you to check out @NellBryden @TheKOTR @gandalfsfist @DeclarationBand

I’ve had various bands/singers follow me on Twitter lately and I thought I’d share some of them with you 🙂 You may remember this is how I discovered the awesome Black Mountain Shine – my review of their CD is HERE

You may have heard of some of these folks, I hadn’t so here we go!

Nell Bryden

She was on Radio 2 this morning! I hadn’t heard of her but she is really good. Her new album Wayfarer is out now available from Amazon Nell Bryden Wayfarer

The New Realm

They are a London based band and I really really like them. Kind of Asia/Steve Winwood kind of Soft Rock. Give them at listen at their Soundcloud. The new single Dreamhead is at the link below 🙂

Gandalf’s Fist

UK Prog Rock band ( think Pink Floyd) made up of members of Nightwish, It Bites and Pendragon.

Declaration Band

80’s style pop/rock very like Duran Duran and the like 🙂 check out their webpage for some of their music


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