Classic Quadrophenia – Classical Rock or Rock Classic?

There is no doubt this album is taking the world by storm. Fans and critics alike are heaping praise left, right and centre on it. Rightly so too. It’s an incredible album. Absolutely faultless. Alfie Boe, singing the role of Jimmy is an unstoppable force of nature. A truly amazing performance that I imagine will blow the roof off the Royal Albert Hall at the upcoming live show.  He sang Love Reign O’er Me at his concerts last December, it really was something to see. Spine tingling.

The orchestral score is fabulous, giving the whole thing the feel of an Opera – which it is. A Rock Opera. Pete Townsend’s music transcends genres and g g generations.

There lies a fly in ointment though. The mean and nasty People In Charge Of Music Charts won’t let it into the Classical Chart. It has to go in the General Chart or whatever they call it. With the commoners. Pete Townsend, Alfie Boe and a million fans are not impressed…

But, is it a ‘Classical’ Album? Well, it has Alfie Boe, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, songs are being played on Classic FM so one would think so right?

Well.. it’s a reworking of a Who album. And they are Rock Gods. Pete Townsend is in charge.. he breaks guitars on stage.. he’s a ROCK GOD! and the songs were originally Rock songs. So it’s a Rock album then…?

You could call it a Classical Rock Album maybe? Classical Crossover? Classical Rock Opera? Rockera? the possibilities are endless.

I wonder which chart Deep Purple’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra went into? Have you heard that? You should. Or Roger Glover’s The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshopper’s Feast? You should listen to that too. Rock and Classical music have long had an unspoken relationship. If you have good rock music written by talented musicians you can turn it into a Classical masterpiece. And vice versa. Ritchie Blackmore is extremely good at taking Classical pieces and turning in them into Rock Anthems. Listen to Rainbow’s Hall of The Mountain King.

My own view is that this album as I said earlier transcends genres. It is both Classical and Rock. With some Opera thrown in for good measure. It is high time the Music Industry as a whole stopped trying to pigeon hole and label everything. Musical beauty as they say is in the ear of the beholder. Some fans might say it’s Classical, some might say it’s rock. And they’d both be right. Put the CD on, turn the volume up as loud as you can get away with and enjoy it. Because that’s what music is for. Enjoyment. Let the listener decide what they hear.

And everyone can f f fade away…





2 thoughts on “Classic Quadrophenia – Classical Rock or Rock Classic?

  1. Cora

    Ok, so I listenend to the bits and pieces they let you listen to at Amazon. Will you be upset when I say I didn’t like it all that much? Opera really is not the style of music I like and it simply was too operatic for me over long stretches… (and I have no clue why I like Il Divo).
    But congratulations to your weight loss! How do you do it? (I’m sure you posted that somewhere, but I haven’t been around that long.)

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