Music and Kids.

For time immemorial there has been an unwritten rule that the musical tastes of parents and teenagers will be the polar opposite of what the other considers acceptable to listen to. Back in the mid eighties I would drive my parents barmy by repeatedly playing Go West or The Thompson Twins until I was in danger of wearing a hole in the record.. apparently vinyl is making a comeback but I digress. My Mother In Law still refers to the Deep Purple classic Child In Time as “The Castrated Cat Song” Hubby was very fond of playing his various Heavy Metal albums loud enough to make the walls shake. Still does if he thinks he will.

When I was little I used to pretty much listen to whatever my parents did. Roy Orbison, Kenny Rogers, Cliff Richard, The Eagles and Neil Diamond were regularly on the turntable. I got to know the words to all the songs and now I’m older I even have CD’s by those artists in my own collection. Not Cliff though..

As a teenager I discovered a whole world of different artists out there, mainly from listening to the Top 40 countdown on Radio One – showing my age now I know. Johnny Hates Jazz, Erasure, Go West, The Thompson Twins, The Pet Shop Boys, A-Ha, Duran Duran et all began taking up space on bedroom wall and my cassette tapes. Then came the nineties and the arrival of CD’s. Oasis, The Lightening Seeds and the Manchester bands were taking the world by storm. My parents remained unimpressed with them.

Now however I find my tastes are almost identical to theirs. My Mum and I are big fans of Il Divo, Michael Ball and Alfie Boe. Although I have to say I did do a little happy dance when Mum referred to Joe Bonamassa as a “racket” To know that at 40 odd my musical tastes could still bring such a reaction from my parents was very amusing.

I have kids of my own now and I’d like to think that they will make their own minds up about what music appeals to them. At the moment neither of them seem to be showing much interest.. which I do wonder about now and then since between us Hubby and I could fill a music store several times over with the amount of albums we have, in almost every genre there is.

Having said that, Sir is quite the Il Divo fan. Nothing to do with me! They do say that Autistic kids have a liking for Classical style music. Besides which an entire herd of wild horses couldn’t make him listen to something he didn’t want to. Listening to them is one of the few things he does for the pleasure of it. Along with watching Youtubes of Thomas and Friends, Bunnytown and Bubble Guppies.

Madam is very funny about music. I am not allowed to play music in the car if she is with me, she covers her ears if it’s too loud. She does however like the Spanish singer Innocence and had me dancing in the living room to a Seth Lakeman concert. She says she likes Lynyrd Skynrd at the moment.. so maybe she’s got a bit of an old soul with regards to music.

We don’t tend to listen to current music in our house, mainly because I am of the opinion most of it is crap. Which what all adults of every generation think of whatever is popular. I do know though that friendships are formed over bands and that at school liking the “right” band can be everything.  I have heard some band or other called The Equestrian Girls emanating from Madam’s tablet – although I think they are more to do with a cartoon. She certainly hasn’t been begging me for the latest One Direction CD.

I know she’s only 7 and a young 7 at that but the other girls at school have already decided on who their favourite Boy Bands are. I have to say that when I was her age I wasn’t into music much either. But you weren’t back then. Music was for grown ups.

I did think about buying the latest Now CD but I don’t have a clue who is on it…or should I leave it alone, let them find their own music in their own time.


2 thoughts on “Music and Kids.

  1. Meg

    I was working too hard in the 50’s-60’s to be able to buy much music. I did like musical theater, Frank Sinatra, and definitely Johnny Mathis. When I got married, I sort of gravitated to my my husband’s favorite–country. I became a huge Kenny Rogers fan. I still remember my boys sitting in the backseat of the van gagging because I was listening to Kenny CaCa. As things went along, I gravitated more to Kenny Chesney and the Dixie Chicks. Then I went into movie soundtracks and back to musicals. I had heard Josh Groban and thought he was good. Then a year and a half ago, I stumbled on an Il Divo YouTube. The rest was history. Now my youngest son laughs about Il Divo, but he actually says that Kenny Rogers really wasn’t all that bad. I have always found that the best way to change my mood was to listen to music. I’ve always had music on–in the house and the car. I find that neither of my kids actually listen to music much at all. When they were teens, they did–Heavy Metal and HipHop/Rap. I say just let them find their own. Music is so much a personal journey, I think.

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