Toilet Training #FragileX

As you may or not be aware Sir isn’t toilet trained. Not for the lack of trying on our part I can assure you.

Yesterday I made the decision to start again.

When we trained Madam we set a timer for every half hour and sat her on the potty. It wasn’t long before she was using it independently and then using the toilet. She loved picking out her ‘big girl’ pants. Bingo.

Sir on the other hand.. we have tried using the PECS cards to show him what to do.. he ignored them.

We put him straight into pants.. he just had accident after accident, never getting the message that if he went to the loo that wouldn’t happen.

He then refused to wear pants. So we decided maybe get him used to pants first then get him using the toilet. We let him use the computer in exchange for him wearing pants. All that happened was he associated the computer with wearing pants. Not quite what we had in mind.

We put him into pants again and the teaching assistants he had at the time complained he “wasn’t ready” so back into pads he went.

Trouble is if you wait for a kid with Fragile X to be ‘ready’ you will as we have found out be waiting a very long time….but as he is nearly 11 and going to High School in September I wondered how much longer I should be waiting. Does he know what the toilet is for I hear you ask. Yes he does. He just won’t use it. Ask him where wee should go and he tell you. Down the toilet.

So as I said, yesterday we started again. No big changes. No big boy pants. No bribery. No timers.. keep it simple I thought. Every time he goes to be changed I am telling him to sit on the toilet. Then he gets to flush the chain and wash his hands. I want to get sitting on the toilet into his routine, even if he doesn’t do anything.

My Mum says that if she is babysitting she will do the same thing and I will write in his school diary so that they can do it too.

I know it’s not much but it’s a start and we can only go forward.





5 thoughts on “Toilet Training #FragileX

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  2. Diane

    i admire you for your patience…it must be so hard for you and the family but Sir is your son and you love him unconditionally and i’m sure everything will work out for you all…thanks for the post…xx

  3. ourlittleescapades

    This is the step that we were told to take. I did write a post on it. We lost it a bit when Little E arrived and the start of school but we have introduced this step in again. Slowly and surely x

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