Mark Knopfler Genting Arena Birmingham 23/5/2015

I do wish the ‘professional’ reviewers would get over the fact that a Mark Knopfler concert is NOT a Dire Straits concert. Therefore he is not about to launch into a two hour set of their Greatest Hits. He has plenty of his own material to pick from.

He did do some Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet, Sultans of Swing and Telegraph Road all of which got huge applause and a sort of standing ovation.

Personally I thought he chose a good mix of songs, Privateering, Postcards from Paraguay, Corned Beef City, closing with the theme from Going Home. By that time everyone was on their feet and there had been a rush to the stage.

Some songs I have to admit I didn’t recognise but they were all very well performed.

There was no interval and no support act. Although he did have a guest singer called Ruth Moody. Very good she was too.

Knopfler has never been what you might consider cool but when you have the talent he does it doesn’t matter a jot.

Also a shout out to the very young man who had come to the concert with his Mum. He could only have been 7 or 8 but he was enjoying himself immensely.


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