Carlos Marin as Captain Hook “Peter Pan The Musical 1998”

How fabulous is this!!! ❀

I don’t think people realise what a truly great performer Carlos is in his own right. They see him as the “Latino Lover” of Il Divo who gives the band the booming baritone finish to their songs and that’s it.

However if you go looking for his Pre Il Divo stuff.. Les Miserable, Beauty and The Beast, operettas and videos taken at his recent solo shows you come to see what a versatile performer he is. And why his fans rave about him so much. It’s not just the chest hair y’know! That and the fact that he is a genuinely nice person.

As to Peter Pan apparently the CD with Carlos on was only available to buy from the theatre after the show.. 😦 πŸ˜₯ so no chance of getting my hands on a copy.

So enjoy! and I shall continue to share whatever gems I come across πŸ™‚


This is Carlos as the Indian Chief ❀ ❀ ❀

Don’t tell me you didn’t dance to this because I won’t believe you….


12 thoughts on “Carlos Marin as Captain Hook “Peter Pan The Musical 1998”

  1. Meg

    Amazing how different he sounds–and how “wicked” he sounds. There is an actor there, along with the amazing singer. I would so love to have seen him actually perform in one of his musicals. I’ll bet it was really special. I’d pay big bucks to see him do a musical.

  2. Reblogged this on The Contents Of My Mind and commented:
    He is such a good actor as well, and that really does come across in these songs; plus the Jekyll & Hyde ones. I just………..*sigh* I really could listen to him doing any kind of song. All day long.

      1. Oh lord. Oh goodness. In my head he was doing native Indian dances on stage during this. Whether he did or not I don’t care because to me he was. ❀

        *falls on floor*

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