Early Rising Sir.. #FragileX

I have decided that despite my natural concern over Sir being away from home next week there will be one big advantage..

I might get a lie in.

I don’t mean a big stay in bed all morning watching Game of Thrones on Netflix whilst eating toast and drinking copious amounts of coffee kind of lie in.. although I won’t deny that would be nice. Madam will still be here and she has to go to school so one has to be realistic.

I mean the kind of lie in where I don’t wake up until 7:30am having slept the ENTIRE NIGHT undisturbed.

Of late Sir has been waking up at the proverbial sparrow’s fart or before on some mornings. 4am was the earliest so far, normally it’s around 6am. He’s no bother though, he just goes downstairs and plays on his tablet. I can hear what he’s doing so I leave him to it. Unless I hear something that I think might warrant my attention. I’m no longer asleep however I’m just dozing.

If he wakes up before then I’ll go and see him, give him a ‘cuggle’ as he calls it, change him if necessary and try to settle him back to sleep. This is not always successful.. he has trouble getting back off and can lie awake making Oooo-ing noises for at least an hour.

If I’ve done all I can for him and he isn’t distressed then I have to just shut his door and leave him to it. After all I need to sleep even if he doesn’t! sounds tough but it’s the same as you would do for a baby.

Sometimes he gets grumpy during the day because he’s tired but he will ask to go to bed earlier than his bedtime if he’s tired. When he does that he generally goes straight to sleep. It’s swings and roundabouts.

So although I’ll miss him I am looking forward to the possibility of a good nights sleep!



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