Word of the Week 15/5/2015 Looming #WOTW


As you can see I don’t mean the kind of looming where by one attempts to wrap pretty coloured elastic bands round small plastic poles without them flying off and hitting you in the eye…

Sir’s trip to Cumbria is looming. I’m not sure how I feel… on the one hand I’m happy that he is going to experience new things and have an adventure. On the other hand Cumbria is 300 miles away. On the other hand I won’t be there. On the other hand we can decorate his room for when he comes back home. On the other hand I feel guilty because I didn’t exactly ask him if he wanted to go. On the other hand he would have only said no. On the other hand…

I have many hands 🙂

So Monday morning looms ever closer… I am taking his case up to the school today in order for them to have everything ready to just set off with (hopefully) the minimal amount of fuss. It seemed so far away at the time and now it’s here.

Everyone tells me he’ll be fine and I shouldn’t worry… I know he’ll be fine. It doesn’t stop me worrying.

I am off now to sort through the bags of stuff I’ve bought him and pack his brand new case.

My little boy is growing up.

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week 15/5/2015 Looming #WOTW

  1. vswamp27

    Worry is second nature to parents. Fingers crossed that he has a wonderful time and that you make it through the week without driving yourself silly.

  2. It’s right you should worry, but he’s not a baby anymore. Let him find his feet and he just might surprise you. I know being a mom is all worry, frustration, hope and love, but you will have to let him fall a few times, and it will be those times when he will turn to you for mommy hugs and kisses. We’ll all be worrying with you while he’s gone so don’t be afraid to sit and have good cry. He’s smart and tough and because of that he’ll make you one of the proudest moms ever.

  3. Ah, I’d be worried, too, though I’m sure he’ll be fine and enjoy it. He’s still your baby. I was only chatting to a friend today who has her son off away with the school next week and she’s not looking forward to it (though he definitely is as he excitedly told me!). Hope it goes well and he loves his room when he gets back x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. It’d be worse if you weren’t worried wouldn’t it? And it sounds as if you’ve lots to keep you busy while he’s away having a brilliant time – make sure you get to enjoy your time too 🙂 #wotw

  5. Oh he really is growing up! It’s hard to love someone so much that we have to let them go, but you know he’ll have a fantastic time and he’ll be come before you know it!
    Best of luck for Monday!

  6. teentweentoddler1

    I know this feeling well, it is scary. He will be fine though and will come back buzzing with his adventures. How did it go today? x #WotW

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