#SS Special Achievements 14/5/2015 Laundry

Sir loves to help. He helps with the washing, he even knows how I sort the laundry out and what does or doesn’t go in the tumble dryer. Nothing makes him happier than being sent off with the washing basket to go and fetch more clothes or whatever to go in the machine. He even knows the programme I use. Hubby incidentally has no clue how any of it works…

This week Sir has even started taking the clothes out and putting them to dry, I am finding randomly thrown stuff on the airer and the radiators bless him 🙂

He has always been fascinated by the washing machine and will happily sit for ages watching it go round. The fact that we bought a tumble dryer with a see through door only adds to his fun.


Linking this week with Jeanette http://www.autismmumma.com/2015/05/small-steps-amazing-achievements-linky-13515-ssamazingachievements/


5 thoughts on “#SS Special Achievements 14/5/2015 Laundry

  1. Aww, well done Sir.
    It’s great that he’s helping and enjoying it too, pairing socks can be a lot of fun especially if there’s loads of different colours.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. ourlittleescapades

    I love this, this is my next project. Ethan loves to press the button to start the machine, but to help with the washing! That would be fantastic ;0)

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