@carlosmarin_ and @innocence_es to play a concert in Madrid July/August 2015

It’s always a pleasure to report that these two are doing are live shows! Although Madrid is nearer than Mexico those months will be very busy (and expensive) for me so I won’t be flying over.. 😦 but I shall be bringing all the news to the blog 🙂

Who knows one day they might make it over to the UK… please? Pretty Please? anyhoo here is what we know so far…

UPDATED 30/5/2015

Carlos posted on Facebook that this concert has been cancelled 😦 I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities for him in the future.

“Hi everyone at the end i am not Doing the Concerts in Madrid for the veranos de la Villa I haven’t reach an agreement maybe next time… Now still recording the new Il divo album will be released in November we are really exited


4 thoughts on “@carlosmarin_ and @innocence_es to play a concert in Madrid July/August 2015

  1. Meg

    I really would like to see the show that he did in Madrid and Mexico come here to Vegas. It is set like the Old Time Vegas shows–with the showgirls, etc. I think it would really do well here.


  2. Diane

    it’s great news but do wish they would consider doing the Vegas style show over here…will be # ing him !! thanks as always for the info

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