#SSAmazingAchievements 17/4/2015 Washing and brushing teeth

Sir, like most 10-11 year old boys is not a fan of the face flannel. And he is most definitely not a fan of the toothbrush. However just lately I have seen a change in his attitudes towards personal care.

He will ‘brush’ his teeth every night now.. though how much he actually does I don’t know because he keeps his mouth closed.. but the fact that the brush is in there and he’s got toothpaste on it is a vast improvement.

He runs the water for his wash himself and uses the flannel to clean his face.. with a little help of course 😉

He will happily get in the bath and let me wash his hair – doesn’t like the shower though but never mind. He lets me use the hair dryer and last night he let me cut his toe nails 🙂

All of these are very important life skills and I am extremely happy that he is finally letting me do the stuff he used to fight me over.

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7 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 17/4/2015 Washing and brushing teeth

  1. vswamp27

    Makes you wonder what has caused the change. Maybe they have been talking about personal hygiene at school. What ever makes no difference it is good that he will let you do stuff for him in that department.

  2. They have been talking about this at school and also the teacher is making them dress themselves after PE lessons, which is all to the good. I am very pleased that he has started to do it at home too.

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