CD Review Black Mountain Shine

Sometimes on Twitter you might get an unknown (to you) singer or band randomly follow you. Now you might think I don’t want them following me and block them, or you might just ignore them and hope they go away. But if you are like me you check out their music. If you like it you follow them back.. if you don’t well see the first two options. In the case of Black Mountain Shine I was impressed enough to follow back.

Then they released a self titled album and I decided to order it. I have received my free download – which is what I’m listening to as I write this review. My CD is winging it’s way from the States – I hope!

Black Mountain Shine are easily one of, if not the best Country/Rock band I have heard in a very long time. Possibly since the UK heyday of Lonestar.

This album consists of ten very catchy tunes that are very well performed.

1. Three Sheets to the Wind

2. Falling Apart

3. Blue Collar Man

4. Lost Without You

5. Ain’t Gonna Run and Hide

6. Better off Dead

7. The Ghost of Okie May

8. Black Mountain Shine

9. Long Way Home

10. Music to Make

Think a Lonestar/Bon Jovi hybrid and you’ll get the idea of how these guys sound. I could happily listen to these guys all day long.

I definitely think we hear lots more about them in the future.

Look them up on Youtube and give them a follow @Black_Mtn_Shine

10/10 not a duff song on here.


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